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‘Kimberley colours’ on show - The West Australian

Local school librarian Angela Anderson got the chance to showcase her artistic talents in her debut solo exhibition that opened as part of the Shinju Fringe Festival on May 17.

Originally from Melbourne, Mrs Anderson relocated to Broome in 2016 with her husband, Clay, and spent endless hours exploring the Kimberley landscape.

“(Moving to Broome) was a big life change from living in a big city like Melbourne,” Mrs Anderson said.

“I’ve been painting in Melbourne for years but I didn’t expect the Kimberley to have such a huge impact on my painting — all of my paintings are the Kimberley colours now.

“I had these emotional moments with the scenery and thought about how I could deconstruct those feelings and incorporate that into a painting.

“The Kimberley has definitely stolen my creative heart and I feel like I have a better understanding of what passion truly is here.”

Mrs Anderson said her use of a deconstructed and abstract acrylic painting style began when she moved to Broome and had never used that style in Melbourne.

“Seeing those stunning views, I really want to sort of emulate how the indigenous people illustrate an aerial view and really deconstruct the view into how I see the tidal rushes and the sunsets and the pindan,” she said.

“I look out and just feel so inspired and it almost feels like a spiritual moment.”

After putting together the exhibition with the Pearl Shed Framing Studio, Mrs Anderson said seeing her artwork on the walls of the studio felt like she was surrounded by friends.

“My artwork is very special to me because I make a connection with the views of the Kimberley and that translates into my work,” she said. “I would feel so privileged if people feel a connection with the artwork.”

Carly Laden | Broome Advertiser

Friday, 1 June 2018 10:10AM

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