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"We are thrilled to have “Tathra Coast” as a beautiful addition to our new home in Canberra. The gorgeous and vibrant colours remind us of our very special place in Tathra.

We received our commissioned artwork as scheduled, and it was shipped, packaged and protected well. You are a very talented artist with a passionate gift and it was a pleasure working with you."

Karyn and John

Enter the world of

Art By Angela Anderson

A Passionate Artist... I passionately love to paint the sea and coastal landscapes.

I'm an artist who loves to work with vibrant colour, impacting light and exciting textures. Painting for me is about exploration and possibilities, trying out new ideas, seeing where they go and what happens on the way.
Take a wander around my gallery and choose one you'd like for your blank wall.  Contact me if you need a painting in a specific size or colours.

Colours of the Kimberley.
Kianinny Bay
Emerald  Ocean
Riddell Beach 2019 AAN
Jack's Creek AAN 2018
Cygnet Bay Tidal Current AAN 2019
Untitled 1 AAN 2019




Angela Anderson

Melbourne Artist

Angela Anderson is a Melbourne artist inspired by the emotive power and impact of nature. Her artworks are born from personal experiences with the natural environment and travel journeys. Where does Angela drawer her inspiration? "I look outward and around at the big picture and then I zoom in and focus on details. it's all about how you look at things. I have flown over the Kimberley coast several times and inspired by those wonderful experiences."

Angela’s paintings excite the visual senses, drawing you in with the application of exhilarating colours and interesting texture. On closer inspection you become aware of carefully considered layers of colours and fine detail. 

Born and raised in Melbourne, Angela has been painting since the late 90’s. She is a regular exhibitor at local Melbourne art shows and has completed a number of commissioned pieces.

Angela lived and worked in Broome, Western Australia for a number of years and loved the vibrant light and breathtaking colours of the Kimberley region. The Kimberley had a huge impact on her painting style and her desire to paint contemporary aerial views of coastal Australia. Angela is now living in Melbourne where she continues to paint.

Painting is her addictive, leisurely passion.  

"No better way is there to learn to love Nature than to understand Art."

Oscar Wilde

Art By Angela Anderson

Art Exhibition


Artworks by Angela are currently on exhibition at
The Convent Gallery, Daylesford
Victoria, Australia


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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