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August 2022

Hi Angela,                                 
The artwork arrived safe and sound and I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much! I've paid the deposit to secure the other two pieces from the Daylesford Convent and will collect them next month. 
I love the splashes of bright colours in your work, and ultimately would be keen to build out a collection that covers the whole spectrum (Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green etc.) as each colour evokes a unique set of emotions, and I'm delighted to have already secured a bright blue and bright red piece respectively. This is the appeal of the Outback Dreaming piece as it works within a different colour palette (If you were to paint something similar I'd certainly be interested). I love the idea that the central colours within each piece can be inspired by the natural landscapes around the world. Hence the thinking behind the rolling hills/vineyards of Tuscany to work within a green palette, and perhaps a dusk sunset piece to have coverage of pinkish/purple hues. Open to ideas for any natural inspiration for the other colours. 

Makes me smile just thinking about it :)
Once again, thank you very much.

Marcus R.

Kimberley Coast Rush
Commission 2021

1500 x 1100mm 

Kimberley Coast Rush.jpg

Willie Creek, Broome.2

Commission 2022

1200 x 1200mm

Kianniny Bay.2 main.jpg

Tathra Coast

Commission 2022

1600 x 900mm

KImberley Colours ID#29I22A Gary P.jpg

Kimberley Colours

Commission 2022

945 x 1570mm

Testimonial - Deb Davis.jpg

Tidal Creek, Kimberley Coast

Commission Oct 2022

1200 x 1200mm

Tidal Creek, Kimberley Coast ID#20J22A.jpg

How do I commission an artwork by Angela Anderson?

October 2022



We adore your vibrant, bird’s-eye interpretation of the Kimberley coastline.

We are amazed at how, with deft and colourful swirls, you take us to that magical place where our beloved, ochre dirt is girt.

And this is no passive rendezvous.

The movement you evoke, the ebb and flow of contrasting colours, all speak to the constant battle of land and sea; two titans in an endless battle for marginal territory.

This is so instantly recognisable as being proudly Australian.

(No misty, faded meadows for us!)

We love a sunburnt country and we love how you’ve captured it.

Thank you again for your beautiful art that now hangs prominently in our home.


Gary and Madonna

1.      Celebrate you have connected with my art! Having a strong connection to an art style is a rare thing. It’s more than just liking a painting – it’s a deeper, emotional connection. The artwork will haunt you until you have it!

2.      Send me an email outlining your interest to get the ball rolling.

3.      I will respond asking you questions such as:

·        Which artwork/s do you connect with most?

·        What colours are you wanting?

·        Do you want a particular a paint colour incorporated into the artwork? (e.g. to match cushions, feature colour in a room.)

·        What size do you require? (I’ll give you the art sizes I work with close to your measurements.)

·        Can you send me images of the wall/room the artwork will be in? (Helps me visualise where it will be located, what it is competing with, the lighting in the room.)

·        Where do you live? (I will get a freight quote for you, freight (and insurance - optional) is covered by the client.)

·        When is the artwork required by? (I need 2-3 weeks to complete the artwork and have it framed.) ​

4.    Once we’re happy with artwork details, I will ask for a 40% non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of canvas, paints, materials, framing and time. 

       5.     The artwork will be started after deposit is paid (depending on other commissions already on order.)          

       6.     Once the artwork and framing are completed, I will be in touch with the good news! Delivery location  details and best date for freight will be confirmed. (Personal pick up can be arranged. I advise that a car large enough to transport artwork safely, without damage, is required.)

        7. The remaining 60% payment is then made. When full payment is received, the artwork is securely packaged and dispatched through a very reliable, competitively priced freight company which delivers all my artwork throughout Victoria and interstate.

It’s as simple as that! Feel free to email me with any questions at:

November 2022

We are thrilled to have “Tathra Coast” as a beautiful addition to our new home in Canberra. The gorgeous and vibrant colours remind us of our very special place in Tathra.

We received our commissioned artwork as scheduled, and it was shipped, packaged and protected well.

You are a very talented artist with a passionate gift and it was a pleasure working with you.

Kind regards

Karyn and John

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