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Angela Anderson is a Melbourne artist inspired by the emotive power and impact of nature. Her paintings are born from personal experiences with the natural environment and travel journeys. Where does she find inspiration? "I just look outward and around. But you have to be aware and have an open mind, it's all about how you look at things."

Angela’s love of being creative has been her motivation most of her life. Being a self-taught painter, she explores and is excited by the wonder of colour, light and texture.

Angela’s paintings excite the visual senses, drawing you in with the application of exhilarating colours and texture. On closer inspection you become aware of carefully considered layers of colours. 

Born and raised in Melbourne and now living in the northern Greenhills area, Angela has studied Art and has been painting since the late 90’s. She is a regular exhibitor at local Melbourne art shows, has artwork on display and for sale at The Convent Gallery Daylesford, the Aegean Design Gallery Portsea as well as online.

Angela lived in Broome, W.A. for a number of years and loved the intense light and vibrant colours of the Kimberley. Her artworks are inspired by the colour and the impact of the giant tides on the Kimberley coast which causes variations in colour and creates channels of waterways. Angela also paints the various coastal places she travels to.

Painting is her addictive, leisurely passion.  

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